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Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath I would like to deal with the question of religious tolerance in the twenty-first century.

It seems that we are in a position of agreeing to enshrine intolerance in order to maintain the status quo in religious influence.

In other words the current world religions have agreed not to proselytise in order to stabilise the status quo and prevent the rise of the truth in the last days. This is now being backed by legislation.

We have received a prayer request from the ministry in India. Mr. Michael Hubert CCG coordinator in India operating from Chennai has written to us asking that we pray for the work there in view of the new legislation in Tamil Nadu.

Michael reports that the state has legislated prohibiting the promulgation of Christianity there among non- Christians. Failure to comply with the legislation by proselytising is met with prosecution and with four years imprisonment.

This will place our ministry increasingly at risk in India. It will also show us the increasing importance of the Internet in our ongoing ministry of the last days.

Michael will have to travel increasingly as we grow in India and it appears he will have to visit Nepal soon for the establishing of a church there also.

What is happening with religious tolerance? The USA seems to report on people and nations who exhibit religious intolerance but when it gets down to the larger nations they are sometimes ignored so it seems.

The facts of the matter are that religion is given tolerance among some nations and for some faiths. Hinduism loses people in its lower castes to Christianity because of the flaws in its system and the hopelessness of its poverty induced by the mindset of the religion. Social mobility is only achieved by the jatis, which allow social mobility whilst retaining the varna or caste system. Thus in order to stop the flow of the lower caste people and especially females, into Christianity, Hindus in state legislatures have seen fit to legislate against evangelism in their states. As Hinduism is in the majority everywhere in India they have legislative power. As the last days progress and things become worse they will use their legislative power to suppress the faith. This is also true of the Muslim societies who act contrary to the Koran and the teachings of the prophet.

The Aryans established Hinduism in India after their conquest ca 1000 BCE. Ironically it is based on the characters in the book of Genesis and the creation stories, and the distribution after the flood. The ancestors of the Indian and Middle Eastern races were deified though animism and ancestor worship. Names were given to father figures who became deities. Abraham is the likely candidate to have become Brahma. Seri Nu was taken from Nabi Nu, or the prophet Noah who became the god of money. Seva became Siva a prime god. The Nephilim became the Raksasa of the epics. The Sanskritisation saw the growth of the pantheon and the mother goddess system from Babylon locked into India and from there into Buddhism and the Far East.

We need to establish more translation activity in Indian languages. The time will come when we can no longer work in that environment and it will be destroyed. Please pray for the work while there is still time to work.

Religious tolerance is only being advocated now by the world systems because they are nearing the end of their time. They preach now a message that will enable them to perhaps survive after the time of the demons is over. It is a message aimed at enshrining rebellion among the nations when the nexus of the law is reintroduced. The nations are being encouraged now to rebel against the true faith when the punishment for sin is restored. Thus, we have a message going out that religious tolerance is required. Except religious tolerance is not allowed in areas where the true faith might get a foothold, and encouraged only where the false Christian system is established in any strength.

India and Pakistan are settling down to mutual hostility and a situation where nuclear war is likely. The message of peace that might inhibit that is being discouraged.

We are coming up against increasing opposition in nations that have Hindu religious backgrounds and also in African tribal environments. In more enlightened countries we get the go-slow by lawyers in the system who refuse to act for us if they are Muslims. We are opposed by all because we act for the faith once delivered. Please help us and pray and fast for us in this endeavour. Pray we are given the people and leaders and resources we need to do the work.

Look at the papers B7_5, B7_6, B7_7, B7_8 and B7_9. Those chapters of Mysticism will show you the development of the religions in the Middle East and Asia.

Pray for our ministry in Asia and Africa as they work to establish the faith there under difficult circumstances.

Pray we are registered without delay in Malaysia.

Pray for the health of the ministry in the Philippines.

Pray our ministry in Africa is able to establish clear tasks and priorities and cost effective systems.

Pray for each other and love one another in this latter work of God in the last days.

Pray for our protection and our strength.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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