Christian Churches of God

Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Dear Friends,

I am now back home after my travels to the churches throughout the world. I have had a tiring but informative time in each of the places I visited.

I have looked for a site for next years main feast in Asia, which hopefully will be in Bali, and that is now under way. We will be informed later by the people in Bali of the details. Our sites in Australasia, Malaysia and South Africa will look to attending. Also our singles have expressed interest in attending from both North America and elsewhere.

I have much work to do this year in the commentary on the Koran and it's interlinking with the Bible. That will cause a deal of interest throughout both Christianity and Islam. As usual, we are getting the uninformed comments from Trinitarians in the US like Gerry Falwell and his kind. Hopefully we can spread some light on that sea of darkness and ignorance. We will produce a standardised translation from the original, free of the Hadith, and with a few surprises for Islam in the original works.

There is a concerted effort by Trinitarians against Islam. This will accelerate now. The US congress passed a resolution authorising the US President to go to war against Iraq. The vote was larger than that authorising the President's father in 1991 to go to war against Iraq. I have said previously, and during the previous conflict, that the previous administration would and did fail in dealing with Iraq and the real losses would occur when the US had to go back in again under the new president. Well, we are now here where I said we would be some eleven years ago. We will suffer politically unacceptable losses and accelerate the wars of the end through the wars of the North and South as foretold by Daniel and other prophets. It seems as though we continue down a path without being able to control our own actions. Please pray for our people now as we go on. One could ask the obvious questions in this matter that go begging. The USA has the same weapons of mass destruction as Iraq and many more to boot. The fact that Iraq is able to use them does not make it any more likely that they will do so than the USA given the current situation. Indeed, the USA has said that it will target North Korea, China, Russia, Iran and Iraq with nuclear weapons only recently. One could ask why would Iraq risk total annihilation by using weapons that the USA can and will use against them? There is no reason for such action within any sane mind or collective national conscience. The wild card the USA is dealing with is the fact that Saddam Hussein has been established in a nuclear resistant shelter by the USA itself using its own technology and armed with a nuclear potential of European origin and has the political will to use the weapons. In other words, they created the monster they now have to control and many will die as a result of this collective stupidity. One could say however that only a complete madman would risk his entire people and we have no evidence that such a view exists. We are about to witness a war of nations against a nation on the same grounds as exist within the nations commencing the action. In other words, other nations could declare action against the USA and Britain on the same grounds used against Iraq. The way of peace they know not. We will sow the wind and reap the whirlwind in this coming conflict. The use of nuclear weapons appears inevitable in the long term.

The West is like the proverbial person who pokes the stick at the animal and when it snarls in retaliation we say, "See what a wicked animal it is."

There does not need to be war between Christianity and Islam. It is being fostered by demons, bigots and madmen in Trinitarianism. It will end as WWIII. My view is, as Einstein is reported to have said: "I do not know what weapons WWIII will [finally] be fought with but I do know WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones."

I ordained ministry in a number of countries this trip.

In Malaysia members were appointed to the ministry and they are working with the translation team. The Malaysians are producing a mighty effort and are working efficiently on both Indo/Malay and Chinese works. They are an example in their efforts and conduct and their care for others.

We have had approaches from Thailand and also from ministry in Singapore who are being called to the faith from Pentecostalism and other systems.

This period I was faced with a number of ministers called to the faith. I informed you that I had to baptise seven ministers in one day in Africa at the conference there. Our African ministry is now counselling and baptising congregations not only in their areas but others that have sprang up in nearby nations. We now have new West African Churches in Nigeria and Ghana as well as Togo and Benin. Approaches for affiliation are coming in from North Africa now in places like Morocco and Mauritania and Algeria and elsewhere. East and Central Africa has churches now in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania with a mission underway at present to Muslim Zanzibar for the addition of a church there with ministry with whom I spoke whilst in Africa. Once that is concluded we will hopefully send a mission to the Congo with the Linggala speaking ministry.

We have also been approached by ministry in Nepal for affiliation and we will look at sending the Indian ministry there when necessary to baptise and consolidate them.

We should all remember that it takes a deal of strength to stand with us and most of us have had to do it alone. It appears now that God is also dealing with small groups and churches on a larger scale. Please pray for the new brethren in their ability to stand and also to not be discouraged when they face opposition especially from those they once thought to be friends.

I hope to have the filming from Turkey edited and hopefully out over the next few months. We are building a house and so I will be inhibited somewhat with the affairs of the world. Please pray that we are able to get the house built quickly and in a cost effective manner without incident. My sons will be helping in this aspect.

I was pleased to see the feast in North America come off so well. We had a consolidated group there with a firm foundation.

I ordained a ministerial assistant for California and he will be placed in charge of the Los Angeles area working to the minister in Sacramento.

I appointed a minister in charge of the South East USA working from Illinois

At the feast I was amused by a report given to me by a former member of the United Church of God. She met some old friends at the feast. The husband was a former ordained officer of UCG and now part of CCG ministry. She told me that when they left UCG, the UCG ministry told the brethren there that they had "joined a moon worshipping cult." They said this in order to deal with the fact that we keep the Bible New Moons. She said the tragedy is that "we believed them and did not check with the people concerned as to the truth" or words to that effect. These people in the WCG and offshoots have made false statements about others for years and so it is unlikely that they will repent of false witness now short of actual conversion.

At the feast I also dealt with the UCG doctrinal paper on the New Moons. That commentary will be available soon on the web. It will demonstrate the false premises of the UCG paper and all are encouraged to study it.

We are being accessed now on an ever-increasing basis on the web. It is important that we place renewed effort into the translations. Spanish is increasing rapidly. Please assist in the increase of the Spanish translation effort. I ask that all available place their efforts behind the Spanish translation team. We need more translators and more funds for the work. Please pray that we are added to and given more funds so we can reach more people. Last month Mexico had almost as many people as Canada access the work. This is a large increase for Mexico but they have been improving on a monthly basis for a while.

I informed those at the feast in North America of the activities in World Affairs over the next twenty-five years and I will produce more commentary on prophecy over the next few months. Last May a group of some 1100 scientists said that within the next thirty years 70% of all plant and animal life on the planet will be dead. These and other figures show that we are within the last days and that unless Christ comes by the Millennium in 2027 most life on the planet may well cease. The religious communities neither understand prophecy and what is happening nor understand their part in it and the future under Christ in the Millennial system.

Why is the Western World so complacent about its imminent destruction? The answer is that it is deceived by a false religious system of the Gnostics that believes in heaven and hell, and does not see that it has to endure for another thousand years under Christ and make this planet productive under God's Laws. In short, Trinitarian Christianity is a moribund religious system based on false doctrine that is unable to cope with the planet and its ecosystems. Its false teachings have resulted in a religious system that has destroyed the planet and is unable to offer a solution to its ills. Because it fails to comply with the laws of God, it is unable to protect the creation constructed within those laws and plan. Its system and its priesthood will be removed in their entirety by 2027.

We are about to see further efforts against the key system in this false doctrine come about over the next few years. I speak of the Roman Catholic Church and its heretical celibate system. People are now seeing the fruits of the introduction by force of celibacy in the Catholic system in the twelfth century of the current era. In that century married clergy and deaconesses were outlawed. People are now starting to see clearly the underlying hypocrisy of the system in that it is now being demonstrated to be inordinately aberrant or perverted even to the majority of its priesthood. It can no longer cover up its excesses as it has done in the past. To this day the church denies that its celibacy is the cause of its perversion yet the record speaks overwhelmingly against it. It is a culture of perversion that encourages people to join it who are themselves often the product of its abuse. They perpetuate the same abuse and are protected themselves by like people in the system.

The beast is prophesied to turn against the whore and destroy it in Revelation. The beast is the world order as we now see it developing. The political process of the early twenty-first century will see the Trinitarian Church further curtailed by legal process and by judicial orders and awards. In short, it will be destroyed by the results of its own vice.

We will see a rejection of Catholicism and Trinitarianism generally and a rise once again of paganism and aberration. It will only then follow that we will have a return to the true faith. These changes will come about more speedily as we progress to the end. They will be made worse by the increasing effects and dislocation of Global Warming and the battles over water and production and land. We will see these problems brought about by rising waters and the inundation of large areas of land in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

We are seeing rises now daily. I walked with my son this week in our shore area and we are seeing rises now eroding land areas previously free of such effects. Antarctica is melting fast. The icebergs are themselves destroying the phytoplankton and causing krill reductions. The penguins have to walk much greater distances to reach food and are dying as a result. Whales are increasingly threatened as krill reduces. The West Antarctic Basin I spoke of in the paper Global Warming and Bible Prophecy (No. 218) in 1997 is now under threat. It took five years to occur. In 1997 they were saying it would take a thousand years to rise 12 inches and the basin was not threatened in the foreseeable future. All that has happened with lightning speed.

By 2005 we will be ready to see a new escalation once we read the Law. After that event large areas will begin to be inundated and many coastal towns will become unviable due to inundation. Unless our nations begin to plan and relocate now they will face insurmountable problems after that and it will be too late. We need to engage in large-scale water storage systems. Despite the clear and obvious requirement to build dams and reallocate water resources, scientists in Australia are opposing such measures and producing silly and uninformed arguments against harnessing our river sources. Australia is now in the greatest drought in a century and there is no sign of letting up. Despite the seriousness of the situation I heard an Australian scientist say this week that the proposal to turn the rivers inland were silly "because the Clarence was empty now" or words to that effect. The stupidity of the statement was not obvious to him or the other scientists. Water is harnessed when it is there and saved for just such times when the nation is in drought. If the damns had been built years ago when we had time we would have large resources now when we need them, both on the Clarence and inland. Irrigating 2% of Australia, or any land area for that matter, is a very significant objective made light of by urban dwelling idiots purporting to be environmental scientists. Wake up Australia! Plan and develop and save water or we will be taken over by people who will do just that. Develop or go into physical captivity. The USA has to get its act together also, as do all nations. We were given the resources as a promise God gave to Abraham. We were given them with the obligation to develop them for the rest of the world.

The solution is simple.

Repent now and change. Turn and be baptised. Turn to the Laws of God and change our lives. Follow the food laws and protect the food chain. God will intervene and the planet will be saved. It does not need to happen. The solution is in our hands.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General