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Sabbath Message by Storm Cox

To all

Hope this Sabbath message finds everybody happy, healthy and gearing up for an enjoyable Sabbath.

Dad has left Australia and is now in transit over Asia. He has many people and places to visit over the 77 days of his trip. The magnitude of the work that he is doing only becomes real when you sit down at this desk and see what tasks are performed, and are constantly performed every day. I was the seventh member of the CCG and at the first meeting when it became this major latter medium for the truth. I have watched it develop and evolve into the dynamic Church it is now in eight short years. Many people have joined us in our struggle to see the truth moved all around the world, and our diligence is seeing results. No Church since Adam has had the truth delivered in so many nations and in so many languages. This in itself is amazing. The World Council that governs CCG has an enormous task in making decisions and structuring administrative procedure to cater to the vast and culturally diverse audience. From South Africa to Uganda, Rwanda to India, Mexico to France, Spain to Russia, Philippines to Malaysia, etc. The collective body has to be cared for and kept nourished. The Church has established a system of coordinators for nations and regions to cater for the individual. At the desk here are literally thousands of emails from thousands of people from all over the world making statements, asking questions, telling the Church what it must do, telling the Church where it is wrong, telling where we are right, thanking us for our work, criticising the Church because our doctrines don't cater to the Trinity, etc., etc. The task of answering all these people is enormous.

The governing body of the Church has established a set of doctrines and an understanding that is necessary for an established and accepted set of boundaries for the efficient running of the Church. If you look at the Statement of Beliefs , the Constitution and all the papers published by the Church you will notice that there has been constant revision since the Church began. We constantly strive to improve and finesse understanding so as to present the most correct and God aligned collection of information we can possibly put together. As a member of this Church, I have a privilege, opportunity, right and obligation to have input in the improvement of understanding and the quality of presentation of the truth -- a position which has not been enjoyed by a member of a Church of God, at least in the last two hundred years. All organisations on the planet, to a point, operate on the premise of association. I am not allowed to play on the tennis courts down the road, let alone tell them how to manage their club or maintain their courts, with out applying for and abiding by the administrative procedure. The same way I cannot have lunch at the local club as a member or a guest of a member without applying for membership. Most organisations require references to determine your character before allowing admittance so as to protect the existing members. We too have procedures set in place to protect the Church and its members. Our Church is the most important organisation on the planet. What we produce is the most important of any enterprise on the planet. Our people are the most important group on the planet, because of what they produce and why. Only by signing up as a member can you be part of producing this important work. Only members can have the privilege of voting on important issues and offering positive arguments for change and the refining of this great work.

Soon the Church will reach a point where there will be such a great number working within the administration that good leadership in all facets will be of utmost importance. Now is the time when we have to be committed in our heart and mind to the tasks at hand. We need to understand the laws of God and know our scriptures. We need to know how the administration works and why the rules we follow are important, how they protect you and allow you to study, discuss and talk freely.
The Application for Fellowship simply asks:

1. That you accept the Beliefs of the Church.
2. You agree to abide by them whether you completely understand them all or not as access to God's people
and ministers will help over time.
3. And if you find yourself not able to accept the doctrines of the Church, then peacefully leave and continue your

This period allows people to come to a better understanding of the truth.

The membership form asks a number of key things no different than Christ asked of us:

1. That you have read the Statement of Beliefs and Constitution and you agree to abide by them (i.e. keep the
law as it is laid out). Complete understanding of things can take time, and with courage, perseverance and
faith you will come to an understanding.
2. That you understand you are part of the body of Christ and of no denomination.
3. If you have problems in understanding, you will seek out your regional coordinators and diligently seek out
4. If you can't reconcile your problems over an extended period and morally object to the laws we keep, then
quietly and peacefully stop attending until you can reconcile your differences.
5 That you don't actively try to undermine the Church.

This is a sound and logical set of ordinances for the Church. Sound processes enjoyed by all organisations across the world.

I will be working to help the people in key positions to consolidate the work for the busy times ahead. Dad has asked me to help with the administration and his research works. We are working on TV ads, video documentaries, Church promotions, the website and the continuing of the important translation work. As a valuable member of the South African Church stated, "Every man wants and should be allowed to worship his God in his own Language." Amen to that.

There are many people working tirelessly in the Church every day to see our dream of getting the Bible and its understanding, complete with history, out to every man, woman and child on the planet in the fastest possible time on the tightest of budgets. Only through the generosity of God in the allocation of his spirit can we achieve it. Open yourselves up to it, pray for it, pray that God's angels are placed around all of us. Let us evolve into a group of dedicated servants, enjoying every day, every Sabbath and Holy Day as an opportunity to share in these gifts together as one body, all in all with God.

I hope ALL people can reach a time when they understand all things clearly. I certainly don't understand all things. I look forward to a time when there is no doubt or question. This Sabbath is a spiritual renewal for the next week. Use the time to consider the magnitude of the work and how you fit in it. There is a job for every one and reward greater than we can comprehend. Let us work together.

The important thing is that we, whatever our differing situations and personalities dictate, is that we remember we are all human, we want to do what is right and only through the love and respect of others will we see clearly what is fundamental in our lives.

Please take time to phone someone you know who is on his or her own for the Sabbath or get to them if you can. We need each other and we can't do it alone

Love to all

Storm Cox


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