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Sabbath Message by Wade Cox


Dear Friends,

Today it was brought home to me just how many people are observing what we do and are coming to grips with our doctrines. For the first time we are able to present in a clear and coherent form to the world the doctrines of the church. Up until this stage of the faith, it has always been that our enemies have controlled the means of publication and God has only acted through the effect of the Holy Spirit on individuals as they read the Bible and were called into contact with the elect and taken into baptism as far as personal contact would allow.

With the Internet we are able to present in the languages of the world the gospel of the kingdom of God and the soon coming reign of the Messiah.

In a month or so I will leave for different parts of the world and to undertake tasks in the work that will make our message even more powerful as we deliver the gospel message which we were and are commissioned to do. I will attend at least one university and speak with a few more professors regarding the direction of the faith and the coming influences of Islam and Judaism with Christianity.

What we should be aware of is that the entire academic world is taking what we are doing very seriously and we are being followed with great interest in many places.

You are about to see a new and dynamic aspect of the faith develop. The last days will see the demise of the Trinitarian system as the Trinitarian ship is continually bombarded by scandal. It will be increasingly unable to deal with revelation as it unfolds.

However, the last days will see a Counter Reformation in the Trinitarian system designed to consolidate its position and destroy the consolidation of the gospel.

Remember this fact. The Trinitarian system is specifically designed to promote the system of the Triune god and to destroy genuine Law abiding Christianity. It is a religion of the ancient system and is not and never can be Christian.

I have watched interchanges occur on a regular basis between members of the Church and the ministers of the systems they have left due to the apostasy of the ministry of those systems. It is simply breathtaking to view the blasphemy of the ministry of the Churches of God as they seek to embrace their newfound truth in the ancient lies of the Trinitarian system. They want to abandon the laws of God because in their hearts they are contrary to and at war with the Law of God. Their doctrines are in enmity towards God.

This is also so with the systems of Talmudic Judaism that uses the traditions of men to undermine the direct word of God. So too is it with the Hadith in Islam. They set the faith at nothing through the traditions of men.

I have said that Judah is to be called in the last days and the Messiah will lead them in the calling and subjugation of the world. This aspect is very close. Before today a blindness had come upon Judah and Levi
that prevented them from collectively seeing the clear simplicity and logic of the faith. The hardness of their hearts prevented them from collectively entering the kingdom of God. They entered only as individuals called according to the purpose of God.

This aspect will change in the not too distant future. It will also change among the tribes of the Arab nation as opposed to the eastern non-Arab Muslims. They will change more slowly and even resist change to the end.

The coming conflict will see a consolidation of a Trinitarian system that is forced to come to grips with its heresy and perversion. Soon the trembling pilot will pass and the new leader elected to control the trembling ship will be given power, but the beast will hate this whore and turn on it to devour it.

You will see a power struggle unfold as the world is reduced to fewer corporations in the hands of fewer elite and wealthy people, and more and more will become poorer and poorer.

I was given a report about the situation in Africa this week. I will be there in early August. It is very sad and frightening if you do not understand the plan and laws of God.

The scale of the devastation is simply staggering. Twenty percent of the nation of Zambia has died since 1999 due to the effects of disease and malnutrition, usually AIDS in combination with malnutrition.

1500 teachers are dying each month in South Africa. The death rate is at least 2500 per day in South Africa.
Thirty percent of all pregnant women in SA test HIV positive.
Ten thousand prisoners are released every month and 80% test positive for HIV/AIDS.
Forty nine percent of the mining industry is HIV/AIDS positive.
AIDS is now adding about 9% to the world price of gold due to losses and retraining costs.

It is hoped to have the death rate under control by 2012. There will be a cure but it will be too late for most. Note that the date of 2012 is the Sabbath Year.

That reduction assumes no further degeneration in the social fabric and order. However, we are going into a war situation soon that will destabilise further the nations of the world.
The effects of Global Warming are yet to be seen in the water shortages and land pressures. Nations simply are not planning effectively for Global Warming. They are placing the problems too far into the future. They said in 1997 that it would take a thousand years to raise the water levels twelve inches. We got there in four years.

The massive dislocations will cause refugee pressures that will end in wars. We are watching the removal of white farmers and the oppression of whites in Zimbabwe. That conflict will increase. The movement into Europe will see a reaction of the Europeans.

The Southern Hemisphere will assume new importance in the next system because of the pollution of the Northern Hemisphere system. Remember this prophecy that Noah uttered through the Spirit of God. The sons of Japheth would dwell in the tents of Shem. This is happening now and will continue to occur under the reorganisation.

God will work a miracle in the reorganisation for the Millennium. We will see a very powerful reorganisation of the planet and the relocation of many people and the destruction of many others due to disobedience.

We live in a very turbulent time and a world that is attempting to deny the existence of God.

I see a system that regards anyone who keeps the laws of God as aberrant. We are regarded as eccentric if we regard the Bible as true. If we regulate our lives by it we are considered "a religious nutter" as one university lecturer put it to me some years ago.

The facts of history are actually readjusted to try to insinuate the myth of evolution. It is an article of faith now that is regarded as unquestionable. Rather like the "fact" that the earth was flat was an article of faith in the middle ages and enforced by the Trinitarian system to ensure further the ignorance of the day..

What we are about to witness over the next ten years is a reorganisation of the planet and the preparation of the world for a new system of living and government.

To achieve that end God is going to move people into captivity and place them in different locations and under different rulers at different times.

Christ will take captivity captive but in that process much trauma will be experienced in bringing the new system to the birth.

This time of trouble is greater than has ever been seen in the world to this time. However, we will all come through it. Some of us might die as witnesses for the faith but we can only be dealt with as God allows and Christ directs.

As we are persecuted in one town, flee to another for we will not have gone over (finished fleeing through) the cities of Israel till the Son of Man comes (Mat. 10:23).

This promise tells us that Israel will still have cities and we will still be moving in them when Christ comes.

Look at the paper The Place of Safety (No. 194).

We will now be working in increasing turbulence. Do not be dismayed. When the end comes we will all be in the hand of God no matter where we are and no matter how scattered we are.

The adversary will not prevail and the gates of death will never prevail against the church. If God is for us who can be against us?

Pray for one another. Pray that God strengthens us and places His angels around us. Pray we are all protected.

Work together for the faith and the increase of the brethren of the Church. Love one another as Christ loves us.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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