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Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

March 23rd, 2002

Dear Friends,

There are many problems as we go through life. How we face them is the mark of who we are and our calling.

This week we all proceed to the Passover and wash the sins of the past year away in renewing our agreement with God through Christ.

We in Australia will proceed north to sunny Queensland for the Passover on to Mount Tambourine. There will be Passover sites all over the world in many countries. Each group will be determined to serve God as best they can in their own way.

In the north they will be coming out of winter and in the south we will be facing going into winter. It is the turn of the year. There are only two basic biblical seasons marked by the turn of the year in spring and autumn. In the tropics there is only the wet and the dry. The one thing they all have in common is their devotion to God and their dedication to the faith through Jesus Christ. The mark of our faith is how we love one another. Each of us must keep this Passover. Each male is required to be there. If there is a reason why something must be done at home and one cannot go then it is the male that goes and the female that stays from every converted household. Males are required to be there and there is no excuse. If you fail to keep the feast you are removed from the kingdom of God until you repent. It is my duty and the duty of the officers of the church to ensure that happens. Last year was the Third year of the cycle and consequently you could all keep the feasts in your own gates with the exception of the 36 hours of the Passover which must at all times be out of your gates (Deut. 16:5-8). This year we are back to normal and you had all better be at the Passover. I am issuing an order in the name of Jesus Christ that all those of the Churches of God are required to attend the Passover at their designated sites.

I hope that you all have a wonderful time and that you all grow in the knowledge of Christ. This year renew your covenant and your faith. We will cover the basics so that we are all well grounded and also for those who are new in the faith. Also we will cover some new ground and after the feast we will need to start on some new areas also.

We are moving now into a phase of development in the church and the nation that will see great changes in the way we think. Prepare yourselves for what lies ahead by developing your relationship with God.

You will see that we are making progress now in all nations and all nations are feeling the brunt of what we teach. The Islamic world is now using our teachings to confound the Trinitarian world and it is making them squeal. The facts of the history speak for themselves. Trinitarianism has no answer because it stands condemned. Their previous answer was to kill us but now they have to face the problem and they can only lie about it as they have done in the past when they could not stamp us out.

Get ready to do the work with all our might. We have a short period left to us to accomplish a mighty task.

I will ask all of you to make a great effort. I note we have some new translators coming on board and I am pleased that we are able to reach into some countries where there is much trouble and conflict. We are progressing now also with the Children's stories and also with the Summaries. These short papers will make distribution easier in the poorer nations that do not have computers. I have not mentioned it in a while and so I will reiterate the point now. If we had to do things the normal way the churches of God worked in the past then we would need over one million dollars a month just to run the mailouts. In other words we would need the combined budgets of the churches of God simply to satisfy inquiry and the mail department. That would pay no ministers salary. So you can now see why God did what He did with us and why timing was everything in our coming to be and our operations. We were not given the funds to advertise early on because it was not going to be done that way and indeed could never be done that way again. It did not work the first time and will not be used now. The Internet is the open door given to us.

The way we are able to reach people is also through you as individuals. Be ready to give an answer of the hope that lies within you. Let your light shine but do it unobtrusively. Be not overly righteous and be not overly wicked. Be ready to quench the darts of the adversary and do not be discouraged by adversity.

As a group we are often attacked. We are spoken evil of often by those who would seek to harm us. Do not be discouraged and pray for one another. Pray for those who lead you and support those in authority with prayers and thanksgiving. We will need assistance to complete the work. Please examine how you can help and how we can all pull together to achieve this great work from this first harvest season of the twenty-fifth year. We are half way through the Jubilee towards the new Millennium. That is a milestone to rejoice over.

May God protect us all in our movements and for those that are ill and frail may God keep us safe also. Keep the faith and love one another.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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