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New Moon Message by Wade Cox

Dear Friends,

The monthly statistics can be sent out with this New Moon message and so I will list some of our increases in performance. The message will come out as part B.

As usual, the USA is on the top of the list with over 25,000 computers accessing us on a regular basis. I was pleased to note that the tertiary educational institutions were doing well also with some four and a half thousand university computers accessing us regularly each month on a weekly.

The national access positions are showing very healthy increases and only a ten per cent increase will see one fall down the list fairly dramatically as Australia found to its cost this month.

Canada is showing healthy growth maintaining its second position and Mexico has risen sharply again this month placing it just behind Canada in stats as well as position. So also has The Netherlands and the U.K., with Australia falling in sixth place followed by France with good increases and Saudi Arabia falling to eighth place. Belgium is in ninth place with Singapore in tenth. There is a growing interest in the church groups in Singapore and there are numbers looking at joining us there in the not too distant future.

Italy and South Africa have both had good rises in access and are in eleventh and twelfth place respectively followed by Spain and the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation is increasing steadily now with the establishment of the Russian search engine presence.

There were 116 countries recorded this month and healthy increases for most. Our stats were only able to register some 75% and so it is much greater in figures than we have been able to register.

The nations are in order:
USA, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, UK, Australia, France, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Singapore, Italy, South Africa, Spain. Russian Federation, Germany, Poland, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hungary, Japan, Israel, Malaysia, Argentina, Philippines, Ukraine, Chile, Brazil, Latvia, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Peru, Taiwan, Denmark, Colombia, Austria, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Norway, Turkey, Egypt, Lithuania, Romania, Trinidad and Tobago, Croatia, Costa Rica, Portugal, Ireland, Guatemala, Uruguay, Ecuador, Czech Republic, India, China, Thailand and so on for 116 countries.

We can be sure that hundreds of thousands of people are downloading the papers now on a regular basis and studying the work. It is only a matter of time before increased growth occurs in all nations not only among the churches of God but from all sources both Christian and Moslem and from other sources as well.

Language order is:
English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Dutch, Indonesian,
Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, German, Lithuanian, etc.

It is obvious that a large amount of study is underway.

Let us hope it is productive and the Holy Spirit deals with those reading the work.

Pray we increase again next month as we are doing now progressively each month.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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