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New Moon Message by Wade Cox


Dear Friends,

This New Moon is the sixth new moon of the year 25/120.

Today the first International Conference of the African church for many centuries takes place. By the end of this day we will all be in place in Nairobi and talking about the work of God in Africa.

I was most interested to see the efforts made by God's people to be there at the conference. The leaders are working hard to work together and to be together to achieve God's work.

It was of great interest to me to see that God used a man here to make people aware of the power of the Feasts and Holy Days, New moons and Sabbaths. Many of the people used by God had powerful messages but could not sustain the power and pace of the work.

I have seen people throw the faith away and fail in the long run to work for the faith.

It is important to defend the faith to the death.

Never fail or shrink from the duties imposed upon us.

It is a great honour that we are able to be with one another and work for the faith.

Encourage one another. We all need to be encouraged and to give that same encouragement to one another.

Pray for one another and encourage one another.

I have never ceased to be amazed at the power of our people and the young coming up with the power of the spirit.

I was given a question yesterday from a young man who is dear to me and his sister was waiting with him for the answer. They are fine examples of God's people.

I am always privileged to speak with God's people and I am encouraged to hear their power and conviction as young people to deal with the faith as they see the problems develop.

Our hope and faith is in our youth. Without the vision of the faith in the parents and in the nation our people perish through lack of knowledge.

I was amused to see my old friends in South Africa determine to come to Bali for the feast even though some were "old marrieds" and not young singles.

Our people love one another and it is a great joy and encouragement to see them develop and grow in the faith.

Please pray for the conference of leaders in Africa and ask for God's direction and guidance in this matter.

Love one another and pray for us all. Work for the faith.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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