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New Moon Message by Wade Cox

Dear Friends,

This New Moon I thought that I would open up the discussion on the history of the British and European Peoples.

As we are all aware, in the paper The Unitarian/Trinitarian Wars (No. 268,) I explained the movement of the Parthian Horde into Europe and their relocation within Europe.

They joined a group in the British Isles which were an allowed group and which it was commonly supposed were of the same tribal connection. However, the true origins of these people is more amazing and shows a tribal amalgamation that has remained intact, and comprises some distinct groups of people that runs counter to much of what has been said in the traditional British Israelite sources.

This week it was announced by British scientists and broadcast over the ABC in Australia that a complete genetic survey of the English and Welsh people has been undertaken and the following surprising results are now evident.

These are that the Welsh people have been shown to be quite distinct from the genetic inheritance of the English who share the same Y chromosome inheritance throughout the British Isles. In other words, the entire English people comes from the same paternal lines and are distinct from the Welsh, who come from another distinct Y Chromosomal or Paternal tribal line.

CCG members will recall that after my visit to the Netherlands and the study of the Friesians and their language, I said that they were a quite separate people to the Dutch and that they were, in my opinion, related to the Anglo-Saxons and spoke a version of ancient Anglo-Saxon. This has now been scientifically confirmed.

The Fries people, or Frieslanders, in Northern Netherlands and Northern Germany and the Saxons there are all the same Y Chromosomal group as the English. In other words, they are the same paternal lineage entirely. Therefore, they are at least the same nation in genetic terms, and anciently in ethno-linguistic terms, as the Anglo-Saxons.

The Frieslanders have everything in common with the English as a people, and are Netherlanders only by virtue of their location north of the Dutch being spread over two nations there.

Thus, the Fries came in with the Parthian Horde and they remained in place instead of moving in to their inheritance which has resulted in their identification with Issachar, but the nation of the Finns also claim relation to Issachar and I will explain later how this came about.

The Welsh have known all along that they are a distinct people and they refer to themselves as the Cymry or Kymry people. These people are also the Cimmerians of ancient history. They came from and reinvaded the Middle East long before Christ.

I will explain who they are and how their extraordinary alliance with ancient Israel came about. The distinction between the Welsh and Cornish, and the Irish and Scots is also an amazing story.

Prior to the Feast this year I will be visiting Turkey and we will be making videos about Ancient Troy and also the Churches of Asia Minor.

On the Trojan series we will explain, against the video background of Ancient Troy, the origins of the Trojan Wars and the setting in which they took place. I will go on to explain where the Trojans went, and what nations and city-states they formed, and how they regrouped with the Israelites and their allies and formed the greatest nations the world has ever seen. They also formed the greatest warring empire the world has ever seen, and in that conflict we will see the end days played out.

We have known in the annals of British history exactly where the people came from and what other nations were related to them, but the Trinitarians have deliberately obscured this history to retain political power within firstly the Roman system and then to retain the Trinitarian influences over England.

After the fall of Troy, the survivors split into four main groups.

One group under Brutus left for North Africa and in moving along the coast met up with another group who joined them but remained distinct from them, and both groups,using the ships of the ancient system, went into Iberia where they stayed with the Sons of Godel or the Basques, and on to Britain where they became the ancient British. These two groups were to remain distinct and ultimately became the Welsh and Cornish people. They were distinct from the Scots who later became known as the Irish and the Scots, who much later entered Alba as the Scots in 501 CE and became the nation of Scotland. These two groups of Welsh-Cornish and Scots-Irish are linguistically distinct as the Q and P Brythonic people. The language they spoke is quite distinct.

They wrote in Ogham Script which they got from the Druid, which the Milesians had picked up in Iberia or Spain from the Godelians or Basque.

This language had been used as the language of the ancient Sea Kings that they had taken into the Americas with them almost two thousand years before Christ after the flood and the redistribution of the tribes.

I will cover some aspects of this in the forthcoming paper commenting on the UCG paper on the New Moons and the research that was open to that group in their recent writing but ignored.

The two other groups from Troy went in other directions.

The first group under Aeneis went to Rome and founded the City of Rome and later Roman Republic.

The other group who were the sons of Hector moved north and East of Troy and then later moved back into the area reoccupying Troy until they moved off into Europe and became the tribe of the Francs. That is why they named their capital city Paris, after the hero of Troy and renamed another city Troyes after the original city.

That is why the Romans were able to maintain such alliances even afterwards in the Holy Roman Empire, but within the groups always had the conflicts between the Israelites among them and the Trojans or Kymry.

Who were the Kymry? The group they came from were the North Eastern Hittites and Mittani, who referred to themselves as the Hatti or Kalti people. They spoke variants of the same language and they all had contact with ancient Israel.

The Milesians had contact with Israel in Egypt before they left for Spain. This was, in my view, caused by the great famine and the Milesians took refuge there under Joseph, who had ruled Egypt and prepared for the famine as forewarned by God. They became monotheists at that time, according to MacGeohegan in The History of Ireland, until they came to worship the Golden Calf after taking on the Druids in Spain.

Thus, their history is a little extended and the true Exodus is earlier than currently thought.

The Trojan Wars took place after the Exodus and resulted in the Israelite alliance with the Amorites and Hittites in the Middle East.

David consolidated Israel and with Hiram, King of Tyre, created a vast transatlantic trading system. The Phoenicians were thus allied to Israel and hence freely moved in the areas of Britain and Gaul and among what is understood as the Celtic world. The area of Brittany in France was anciently termed Amorica, which is related to the name for the Amorites.

I will hopefully issue the history of the Celts also in the same period during and after the feast.

We can see how dramatic the truth is in the history of the world and how what we do can and is affected by the movement of tribes long ago.

The genetic mapping now underway will ultimately map the entire human species and we will know beyond doubt, who we all are.

That is how not one grain of corn is lost and how the world will be able to identify the tribes and return the survivors to Israel for the establishment of the new Israelite priesthood and the Millennial system as foretold in Isaiah 66:20-24.

We will keep the New Moons and the Sabbaths then continually, and those who do not keep them will die.

That system is now being established.

We have a part to play in it and a new message to give the world.

Or rather, we have an old message newly emerged from under the suppression of a twisted world..

Love one another

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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