U.S. and B.C. Under Attack


Our deepest sympathy and condolences go out to the people of the United States of America on what is probably the first of a series of moves towards the wars of the end and the attempted destruction of the human race by our adversary. In the last twenty four hours four planes were hijacked and three were crashed into packed office accommodation. Two were crashed into both towers of the World Trade Centre in New York and one into the Pentagon. A fourth was crashed near Pittsburgh allegedly trying to crash into Camp David. The inherent weaknesses in a free world system were used against it. What is God telling us? What is happening to the English speaking people and the free world?

It should be obvious to us all that we are living in the last days. CCG has been telling all who will listen that prophecy is unfolding as we speak.

We are in the last days and headed towards the wars of the end.

The United States of America and the British Commonwealth are headed into what is probably the most troubled times they have ever faced.

We have given the timetable of the events of the Last Days over recent years. The Church of God as it existed in previous decades has proven totally ineffective in warning the English speaking people as to why God is allowing them to be dealt with as He has allowed.

In my moves into Asia and then into North America and then around the world over the next weeks and months I will explain in detail where we are in prophecy and where we are headed.

The gospel of the kingdom of God has to be preached to all nations and then the end shall come. That is our job right now and we have little time to accomplish our tasks. We must have this work done and our people made to understand what is before them before the witnesses get here and the nexus of the law of God is restored.

God does nothing except He explains or warns the people to be dealt with through His servants the prophets.

God is about to deal with the English speaking people because they have not fully trusted in Him. They are His people as the nation of Israel. We can prove that historically and have proven that historically in the works on our web site. He will then deal with the nations of the world.

We are all in a state of sin. The world is controlled by Satan the God of this world and his system. Satan will set up a system in the last days that will rule the world for one hour. Its real aim is to enslave us, eliminate the church of God, and ultimately to destroy mankind.

Each and every one of us has to repent and to rend their hearts and not their garments and turn to the Lord.

Woe unto you when you build house on house and field on field says the Lord of Hosts. How were these terrorists able to strike so easily? How can this monument to man's modern technology and system collapse so readily and kill so many?

It represents the pride of the power of the modern system. Like the modern society that built it, the centre was built with no internal pillars. The word of God which formed the basis and pillars of our society has been perverted by secret societies and the mystery and sun cults and has been removed. The external facade of the structure was its strength. When the face was struck the structure collapsed. As painful as it is for us and the loved ones who are lost we must look at what is happening and examine the matter. There is a lesson for us in all this. God has allowed this message for our benefit.

So too it is with this people. They honour me with their lips but their heart is far from me says the Lord.

It is all built in disregard of God's Laws. They call for peace but there is no peace. They live concentrated contrary to God's Law.

I could not but be struck by the smug faces of the national leaders speaking in condolence to the USA. I saw the incited jubilation among innocent children in the streets of Palestine.

These nations will rejoice at the downfall of the English people. The New World Order will use this as an excuse to implement changes that strike at the very freedom and legal system of the United States and British Commonwealth of Nations. Tactically it was a brilliant strike by an enemy force. Strategically it was the most stupid and convenient move against the pride of our power and will play into the hands of the New World Order. It will strengthen their power. Islam will also pay the price. Freedom will suffer.

There are moves to do away with our inherent freedoms. Europe and the UN wants to do away with the presumption of innocence. Even now the capacity exists for police officers to construct files on our people without foundation and without trial. They can and do use this device against any one perceived as a threat.

I see officials speaking on our television against trial by jury. I heard an high ranking official in Australia recently explaining why trial by jury should be eliminated. He said words to the effect of "There is a conviction rate of 85% under magistrates but as soon as that gets to trial stage the conviction rate drops to 45%." The argument was thus advanced to do away with trial by jury and place it in the hands of the judges only in tribunals as per the system in Europe. Perhaps they were acquitted because they were innocent. At least their peers thought so. This sort of reasoning is being used to condition our people to the elimination of the presumption of innocence. The elimination of Habeas Corpus will follow.

We, the Commonwealth and the United States fought for two hundred years for the freedom and justice of the world and are losing it through the godless and blasphemous bureaucrats in our own nations who seek to control our people thinking they will be the new lords in this New World Order. Who dares call it treason?

The church has proven itself a dumb dog and cannot bark. The Trinitarian churches are what they have always been; tools of the ruling elite advancing an apostate system. The churches of God have followed them into apostasy at the critical time.

Our people can now beat their ploughshares into swords and their pruning hooks into spears because war will not depart from them until Messiah comes.

The last war of the kings of the North and South as foretold by the prophet Daniel will follow soon. The king of the South will push at the king of the North. From this act the king of the North will invade the Middle East and occupy Jerusalem. Many will die in that process. From there, as foretold, news from the east and north will alarm him and he will go out to utterly destroy many.

We will now watch the drama unfold as this phase sees reactions and control and counter measures proceed to war and then finally open up to the wars of the Fifth and Sixth trumpets of Revelation.

Let us all turn to and trust in God and cease to sin. Repent before it is too late for our people. Those of us all who do will stand in awe and see the salvation of our God.

Meanwhile there is much work to do. Those without the zeal for it can go home now in accordance with God's law. For those who wish to work, now is the time if ever there was a time for action.

Wade Cox
Christian Churches of God