Anglican Theological Incoherence

The Editor

Dear Sir,

I was fascinated over your coverage of the Anglican/Uniting Church debacle and the letter by The Rev. Gregory M. A. Blaxland Palm Beach July 24 in SMH Thurs. July 26 2001.

We agree that Philip Ruddock and the Anglican Synod should be more concerned about the wrath of God. It is a fact that the English Reformation was aimed at restoring the faith but it failed to do so because it failed to return to the faith once delivered and stayed with the later councils and the heretic Augustine of Hippo and the false theology of the fourth century.

Article 20 of the Anglican Confession declares as quoted by Mr Blaxland that: "It is not lawful for the church to ordain anything that is contrary to God's written word, neither may it expound one place of Scripture that is repugnant to another."

That is why we of CCG do all the things that Christ and the church did under Christ and the apostles. Many of us were once Anglicans who simply could not tolerate this bizarre hypocrisy that acknowledged Saturday as the Sabbath and yet worships on Sunday contrary to the Scriptures based on the traditions of men. It denies the Passover and keeps the pagan Easter festival. It keeps pagan Christmas instead of Tabernacles and the other feasts of God. It keeps no Bible Sabbaths and feasts and trivialises the law of God and complains when that thinking is taken to its logical conclusion. We agree that "no member of that Synod, be they lay or cleric has any right to propound or promote that which is contrary to the clear and explicit teaching of Holy Scripture." Those teachings are clearly laid down and explained in the texts in the web sites at and in many languages and in How long will ye Anglicans, and other Australians, be of two minds? If Yahovah is God worship Him but if Baal is god then follow him.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General
Christian Churches of God