Logos and Symbols of the Christian Churches of God

The copyright trademarks of the Christian Churches of God are the Logo and the words Christian Churches of God (which is registered in all aspects of its usage) and also the letters CCG, which are the registered letters of the initials of the Christian Churches of God as its trademark. Unauthorised use of the flag is a breach of copyright as it contains and displays the registered CCG Logo and trademark.

The Christian Churches of God is an organisation that is dedicated to restoring the original faith of the Christian Church as practiced under Christ and the apostles.

CCG believes that the church was established according to Scripture and believes that Scripture cannot be broken (Jn. 10:35). Its logos and symbols were chosen to represent aspects of the faith as depicted in Scripture.

The CCG Logo

The CCG logo has the letters CCG in the centre. The initials in the logo are arranged so that the two letters CC are coming out sequentially from the centre of the logo and the letter G, representing the word God, encompasses the other two letters. The upward section of the G is set so that it is seen to be emanating from the centre and as being pivotal. The letters are continued as circles but are thinner so as to make the initials CCG distinct.

This concept is based on the structure of Ezekiel’s Vision regarding the Cherubim. The wheels within wheels are taken to represent the Government of God. The inner circle depicts the inner government of God. The second depicts the priesthood of Christ representing the 144,000 and the Multitude of the First Resurrection. The third or outer circle represents the entire human structure of the Second Resurrection. The outer G for God represents the fact that all of these entities are encompassed by God, who is to become all in all. The name of the church is then placed at the top of the logo so it is easily read and encompassed by the border, which represents the entire creation.

The colours are blue on white, which are the colours of the Bible representing purity and truth in the Holy Spirit as the power of the one true God.

Christian Churches of God flag

The CCG Flag

The CCG Flag is a white background with the Church logo centrally placed on the flag maintaining the church colours of White and Blue (heraldically argent and azure). We are required by Scripture to wear Ribbons of Blue on the corners of our garments to remind us of the Commandments of Almighty God (Num. 15:38). Therefore in accordance with the law we place two ribbons of blue on the top and bottom of the flag to remind us of the Laws of God, as embodied in the First and Second Great Commandments, and the Testimony or Faith of Jesus Christ and thus encompassing all the Scripture of both testaments.

The flag has nothing to do with the flag of modern day Israel. The colours are similar because the colours represent the similar biblical concepts. It was not the basis for the CCG flag and differs in all other aspects including the symbols or devices and the placement of its bars.